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LSM Pumps manufacture Hose Pumps in all sizes from 3/8" to 8" LSM Pump size 8" is the worlds largest Peristaltic Pump. 

A unique design with adjustable soft rollers (not shoes) provide low friction compression of the hose, and this combined with a larger perimeter than others result in a peristaltic hose pump with DOUBLE the HOSE LIFE and HALF the POWER than other similar peristaltic pump design. 

The hose is the only wetted part - the rollers are on the outside of the hose.  The hose moves the fluid forward just as when you are "squeezing toothpaste out of a tube".
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                  Why Choose LSM Pumps?

The design prevents any backflow, and the pump has no cavities, balls or check valves that can clog or get stuck. No packings, rotors or other problem items are in the fluid.

The LSM design is ideal for service with high solid content, slurries, abrasive, corrosive or sheer sensitive materials - the pump will handle everything from Biomass to Live Fish, Fat, Blood, Concrete, Manure, to Fruit Jellies and Agricultural Waste.

High Density and High Viscosity fluids, Sludge transfer and Filter Press Feed, Lime Slurry and Pulp is pumped out without any problems.
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Industries Served

             Sewage Treatment Plants
       •      Combined Heat and Power Plants
       •      Fishing Industries
       •      Meat Plants
       •      Chemical Industries
       •      Food Industries
       •      Off Shore

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