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   International Metal Engineering

IME products include Junction Boxes, Instrument Enclosures, Cable Glands, Stopping Plugs, Thermocouple Heads, Terminal Blocks, Transmitters and Indication Alarm Units.


 LSM Pumps USA

LSM Pumps manufacture "Peristaltic Hose Pumps" from size 1/2" to 8" wth nom. flow rates from 0 - 171 1/h (0.8 GPM) to 230/300 m3/h (1014/1322 GPM) at factory recommended pump speed.


 Frisch Engineered Products Inc

Frisch Valves products include wide variety, types and sizes of Gate Valves Butterfly Valves, Guillotine Gates, Angle Diverters, and  Dampers.


 Welcome to
Artiv Controls Ltd


Artiv Controls Ltd is a Canada based stocking distributor of Flow Control & Instrumentation products. Given the vast array and expansive stock of Intmet Explosion Proof Thermocouple Heads & Accessories, Indicators & Transmitters, most requests from OEM’s and end users can be shipped from our inventory immediately. 

Artiv Controls is also an application-oriented solution providing organization. As we continue to grow, we have in recent times signed agreements with Green Instruments AS, Denmark, BILCO Antifire Engineering Srl, Italy & LSM Pumps, USA to distribute their products in Canada.



                 Inline Valve

In-Line Valve  from UK, England provides solutions to Flow Control and also supplies Choke, Ball, Gate, Check and Severe Service Control Valves.


 Green Instruments A/S 

Green Instruments specialize in Design & Manufacture of Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzers, Smoke Density Monitors, Oil Mist Detectors, and Boiler Protection Systems for Marine & Land Based Industries.


    BIL CO Antifire Engineering s.r.l

BILCO is an Italian company specialized in flexible fireproof protections. Bilco has for this Innovative product, obtained all certifications from accredited institutions such as Lloyd's Register U.K. and Bureau Veritas.

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